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Buddy Hackett: The HBO Special (1983)

Fri, 06/29/2007 - 3:23PM by Big Screener 0 Comments -

The official title for this early HBO special is Buddy Hackett Live and Uncensored. When I interviewed old time "Adults Only" comedian Woody Woodbury he had this to say about his contemporary, Buddy Hackett: "Lemmee tell ya, back in my era, Buddy Hackett was the comic. Rickles and all those guys would be on their knees to Buddy Hackett - just hoping they could get something from him in the way of comedy because he was so creative, just a brilliant guy."

I find Buddy hysterical, I just wish his act wasn't tainted with racist Asian caricatures. Other than that - I love it. I also gotta hand it to the early Home Box Office folk - these people really knew how to film a stand-up act so that it looked great and retained the feeling of the live experience. That is a nearly impossible thing to do. I imagine this was filmed at a closed room in Vegas - and I am basing that on the look of the audience alone. If you watch this whole thing you will see a great deal of people in the crowd wiping their eyes and faces with hankerchiefs as they laugh. Were they provided by HBO? Have you ever wiped your face with a napkin at a comedy show ever?

Yes, he sang a straight song at the end. That's Classic Television Showbiz.

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